The Meaning of Kin and Why Kin Analytics, Main Sponsor and Founder, Invested in a Soccer Club

Kin Selection

The origin of our name comes from the theory of evolution. Building from Darwin’s awareness of altruistic behavior of certain species, the Biologist and statistics enthusiast W.D. Hamilton formalized previous ideas of cooperative evolution through the theory of Kin Selection. Hamilton defines Kin Selection as an evolutionary tactic where a being cooperates with others for the benefit of its kin, even by putting itself at risk. Hamilton mathematically explained and proved this curious idea through a formula called “Hamilton’s Rule”, which demonstrates that the closer the relationship between two beings, the more likely that cooperative and altruistic behavior will exist between them due to the desire to preserve the genes they share. A living being that makes loud noises to attract a predator’s attention away from its kin towards itself, thus risking its own wellbeing for the benefit of the group, is an example of kin selection. While species help each other for the biological reasons explained by Hamilton’s Rule, species also cooperate to get help in return when they are in need, or even for purely altruistic reasons of love for the other creature. This inclination towards cooperative behavior in certain creatures stands in contrast to traditional natural selection’s fundamental idea that creatures compete for survival and challenges the concept of survival of the fittest.

Our company identified with Kin Selection theory based on its two main components: evolution and cooperation. Kin Analytics’ vision is built around these two ideals: A society where enterprises collaborate in the pursuit of mutual evolution through innovation. Our drive for innovation is also rooted in evolutionary theory. Mutation in species can be compared to disruptive changes experienced by organizations through innovation. Following this philosophy, we chose the honeycomb as our logo since bees are exemplary symbols of Kin Selection due to their cooperative behavior.

While we understand the importance of healthy competition as an incentive that fuels progress, we believe that collaborative and harmonious practices are more valuable. Kin Analytics is just one piece of our final goal, which is to create a network of linked companies and organizations that grow together in the pursuit of a common objective.

Kin Analytics will be the centerpiece of this future network, orchestrating the extraction of intelligence from information for all pieces of the network. For example, including a logistics company, a manufacturing company, and an export company in our network, we can utilize their combined data to analyze the dynamic amongst them to find areas of improvement for both the
entire network and its individual components.


Atlético Kin

Following this philosophy led us to acquire a soccer team from the 4th Division of Ecuador. Formerly known as Real Sociedad, Atlético Kin will share Kin Analytics’ logo and colors, as well as the company’s philosophy. Our goal is to make Atlético Kin one of the most innovative teams on the continent by providing structure, financial support, and particularly our sports analytics expertise.

The key to success is cooperation. Not only will Atlético Kin benefit from being managed by Kin Analytics, but the relationship will also be very important for Kin Analytics itself. Thinking long-term, we plan on making Atlético Kin the birthplace of not only top-level players, but also of top-level individuals whom we will assist in acquiring scholarships for higher level education and eventually career opportunities in the Kin network.

This win-win situation will see us invest in the development of individuals for their own personal well-being, with hopes that they become key future resources for the network. Our desire and vision is that this experiment of cooperative-driven behavior in the Kin network will be a success story which will eventually serve as an example to individuals, companies and society as a whole.